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9 Copenhagen Ct.

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Licensed Real Estate Broker in the Capital Region

We are a full service real estate firm located right here in the Capital Region. We specialize in the four main counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schenectady.

What is Leverage?

We chose the name leverage, due to the understanding that real estate markets operate on the law of Supply and Demand.

We can use local real estate market statistics, to not only rank local schools, zip codes and neighborhoods in order of most demand, but also to develop a unique pricing strategy that is beneficial to both home sellers and home buyers.

Leverage is about understanding your position in the local real estate market in an effort to price your home accordingly, and to make the right offer on a home you wish to purchase.

Knowing who has the upper hand in a transaction (buyer or seller) can help you achieve a better outcome in your real estate endevour.

True Market Experts

Unlike most firms and agents who perpetuate gimmicks to gain clientele, we actually immerse ourselves with big data, dissecting the local real estate market on a weekly basis.

We believe that selling a home comes down to the 5 Key Factors which are: Location, School District, Taxes, Condition and Timing. Our goal is to empower our clients and web visitors alike, with irrefutable evidence of these 5 Key Factors at play, by reporting on the ongoing real estate market in the region.

We analyze data, and use our unique pricing approach to gain sellers the most money possible in the sale of their homes, and educating home buyers to not just buy a home, but to make a smart investment.

We use techniques that are similar to what a bank appraiser would use to approve a loan on a home under contract. This is what selling and ultimately, buying a home, comes down to.

Reporting on the Market

We focus our analytics on the resale market of the Capital Region. Our statistical analysis derives from single family homes only. We do not include New Construction, or Multi-Family property sales in our analysis, due to the fact that these types of home styles skew the overall averages within the market you’re most likely to be shopping in.

We segment the local market from Counties, to School Districts, Zip Codes, Home Styles, Neighborhoods and more, so consumers get a accurate and truthful gauge of their local real estate market.

We report on all geographic segments of the market, plus segment and drill down into hyper local areas and neighborhoods so you get the truth on how your immediate market is performing.

We wrote the book on pricing

We have combined years of real estate brokerage experience and market analysis, with the 5 Key Factors responsible for the sale of homes everywhere, and put them into our first ever book, which strictly focuses on selling a home in the Capital Region.

Defend Your Equity: The Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in the Capital Region is available now through Amazon and our website.

Who are we?

Ryan Hoffman 

Author –  Lead Market Analyst – Licensed Real Estate Broker and Owner

Doug Carlton

Market Analyst – Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Sarah Hoffman

Market Analyst – Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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