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Ever wonder why there aren’t more flat fee real estate brokers to choose from? More that a belief, our motto is that houses, ultimately, sell themselves. Leverage is about using your position in the local real estate market to get the best terms in the sale of your home. Real estate is driven on Supply and Demand. In conjunction with this, and our 5 Key Factors that are responsible for the sale of real estate, we provide a new perspective inside the local real estate industry.

When you realize that the sale of real estate is market driven, you can use data and our market analysis to position your home to sell fast and easily. So why pay a big percentage when your home sells itself?

Consumers Come First

In an industry that has long been about the agent first, we aim to create the first real estate model that is based on providing the best possible service, at the lowest possible cost to the client. This is the definition of a true representative. We aren’t worried about using your property to promote our brand, we want to provide you with transparency about the local market, about the industry and throughout the entire transaction. Selling a home is actually rather easy. Our mission is to prove that through our model and save you money.

Numbers don’t lie

We don’t rely on gimmicks and salesmanship to win your business, we offer the market data to enlighten you about how real estate actually works. We have created the very first, and only, local real estate index that has found the pulse of the Capital Region real estate market. The Leverage Real Estate Index tracks 70 Zip Codes and 48 School Districts in the four main counties of the region. We monitor sales data on a weekly basis, and rank these Zip Codes and School Districts in order of Leverage.

Those that rank on the top of the list, tells us where demand is high, and these markets heavily favor home owner (sellers). This data is great for both buyers and sellers who want to know what they can expect when they embark on their real estate endevour. And when you realize that houses sell themselves, you should be able save thousands of dollars in the process. We are confident that one look at the Leverage Real Estate Index will tell you what you already know about our local area.

Outdated Industry

The industry is ripe for change and many business models have been popping up throughout the country. In a day and age of digital and social connectivity, it’s never been easier to buy and sell real estate. So why haven’t commissions decreased? The truth is, the real estate industry is a deep web with many angles most consumers don’t understand.

When you buy or sell a home just once or twice in your life, it’s not logical to be aware of all the pitfalls that consumers face. We aim to demystify the process and work as true advocates in defense of your equity. We believe that flat fee real estate brokers are the future of selling real estate, and we aim to lead the charge.

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Ryan Hoffman combines 6 years experience in the real estate industry with his knack for creative design and presentation through web site development, graphic design, video production, marketing, advertising and more. He is the founder of Leverage Real Estate and manages day to day operations.


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Doug Carlton has taken his background in Information Technology and Systems Development to enhance the Leverage Real Estate platform for our clients. He brings a fresh perspective to the real estate industry, helping home sellers and buyers achieve their goals in a laid back, and professional manner.

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