When based on metrics such as the fastest home sale, and the highest sale prices, these specific home owners should be excited when selling their home within the Shenedehowa School District in 2018.

We ranked the Shenendehowa School District #1 overall, in our list of best school districts based on their performance in a variety of real estate statistical categories. Apart from listing over 1,000 homes and selling over 800, across six zips codes in the district, in 2017, they still ranked in the Top 5 for categories such as, average sale price ($298,360) and days on market before accepting an offer (47 days).

While this is great news for future home sellers across the district, it gets even better for particular segments in the market, once you begin to slice the data. Below you’ll see what we uncovered after looking at the final stats for all home sales inside the Shenedehowa School District for 2017.

Fastest Sales

Selling your home for the most money possible is one thing, but selling it quickly, with less hassle, may be priceless to a home sellers.

Home owners who listed their home in the 12188 zip code of (Waterford) Halfmoon, were rewarded with the fastest sale among all the zip codes that are enclosed with the Shen district.

70 home owners sold in an average of 40 days in 2017, and the average sale price isn’t anything to balk at either, ending up at $300,496 for the year.

Looking even further in this 12188 market, we found 13 Ranch style home sellers received a contract within 23 days on average, and still managed an average sale price of $284,846. Not bad for a Ranch style home.

12019 Ballston Lake home sales and 12065 home sales came in at 47 days and 42 days on average, respectively. These two zips made up for the bulk of the sales within the district, combining for 664 home sales out of the total 825 on the year.

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Highest Price

Home sales that were within the 12118 zip code of Mechanicville saw the highest average sale price in the district. 44 homes sold within this segment, totaling a final average sale price of $401,580.

The bulk of these sales, came from 23 Colonial style homes, averaging just 51 days on the market before receiving an offer than averaged $416,052. One of the main drivers for this high price, has to do with the young age of these styled homes, averaging just 13 years old, in neighborhoods like Summit Hills and Kingsbrook.

The 12019 Ballston Lake zip code owned 123 home sales that average out to $331,941, in 2017. The bulk stemming from 73 Colonial style home sales that saw an average sale price of $346,293.

Of course, the largest zip code within the Shen School District is the 12065 zip of Clifton Park. Average sale prices ended up at $280,118 for all home sellers in this past year. 240 of the 541 home sales in this segment were Colonial style homes, selling for $342,216 on average.

When you compare Colonial home sales in the 12065 zip code, to the average price of all home sales in the zip code itself, we see why combining multiple metrics and attributes of all home sales is key.

Right now in Clifton Park and the Shenendehowa School District overall, there is tremendous leverage for home sellers. High demand is fueling their dominance, regardless of where supply moves.

Too often we see homes for sale in Clifton Park go under contract within a day or so, and to us, that’s means lost money on the table. Especially with prices still rising.

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