Selling a home

Get the most money for your home using our data backed pricing strategy

Market Analysts


Most agents want to overprice your home just to win your business. Then they beat you up with price drops over the course of 6 to 12 months. With Leverage, we understand the local market so well, that we actually don’t list homes for more than 90 days. Sitting on the market too long means losing money.

We practice a home pricing strategy similar to how bank appraisers perform a home appraisal. We also use our local ranking system to assess local home buying demand, and stay on top of the local trends happening in your immediate market.

If your neighborhood is in high demand, why not try to ask for more money? Other Realtors hope your home sells in a day. We actually use a 90 day strategy with a documented approach to be sure you get the most money in the sale of your home, without rotting on the market. This is way beyond the simple comparable sale approach. It’s key to realize that Realtors are trained on how to win your business with overpricing, gimmicks, and sales tactics. They are not trained on pricing or dissecting market activity.

No Long Term Contract

A lot of Realtors over price a home because they lack  a pricing strategy, thus, locking you into 12 month agreement, leaving time to work you down on price.

Others may under price your home so it sells within a day, getting them a quick closing and commission check.

We know the game because we were once trained to do these very things. This is why we do not list homes for more than 90 days. We want to get you the most money in the least amount of time possible. While 90 days may seem long, selling too fast means losing money! Don’t be undersold.

We want you to make the most money possible in the sale. It’s your equity and we need to defend it! We use a documented pricing strategy to get you a contract from a buyer within 90 days, guaranteed.


Negotiations & Process

Since we understand local home pricing, chances are we’ll get a generous offer on your home. Understanding local buyer demand for your area is allowing us to be in the driver’s seat when home buyers come to offer. This is what Leverage is all about. Use your home and it’s equity to position yourself as the most desirable home on the market. Do you want to beg home buyers to buy your home? Of course not. The goal is to have home buyers fighting over your home, thus driving up the sale price.

Communication is top notch for us when it comes to representing home sellers. Text us, call us, email us. We are savvy and mobile friendly. We will always be in touch with showings, feedback, inspection results, attorney approvals, contract issues, title reports, closing schedules and more. Being in touch constantly is half the battle. Why don’t other agents realize this?

Home Preparation

Through years of experience, we can spot issues within your home that a home buyer and their inspector may uncover. We can also advise you on your current layout to suggest edits to your home that will maximize its profitability.

Why let a home inspector stop our deal in its tracks when we can make sure that any issues are fixed before we hit the market? And forget cliches such as taking down family photos. A clean house that is clutter free can sometimes be enough towards getting positive feedback and a good offer.

Other simple things such as a fresh coast of paint on the walls and even having the home staged, are a couple other minor and inexpensive ways you can get the most out of your home sale. 

Professional Photography

These days, there are a lot of new, flashy toys that Realtors love to tout when it comes to listing a home for sale. But the truth is, professional photography is still the #1 factor (next to the right price), when it comes to presenting your home on the market. 

Buyers are not consuming other media types as much as they consume photography. We would know, we have tried all the latest gadgets.

A buyer first begins their search online, and once they see great photos, they want to get inside. Apart from a drive by physically, they just want to get inside!

This is why we provide professional photography for all of our listings with our very own, in-house photographer. We can take an endless amount of professional photos of your property that will jump off the page and grab home buyers attention online. 

Online Syndication

Every firm boasts about your home being on “100+ websites” but the truth is, this is a gimmick to make you feel like they are working to sell your home. Forget 100+ websites, just know that your home is guaranteed to be on the only three websites that buyers care about: Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com



Showingtime a great service we use to allow local agents to schedule a showing on your home. Feel safe and secure with only local, serious Realtors and their buying clients accessing your home with the proper notice given so you can be show ready. Complete with buyer feedback questionnaires and ratings. We will know how the buying public views your home!

We use Docusign for all of our documents. From listing agreements to reviewing an offer on your home, using the latest technology means your listing process can be fast, efficient and easy, without the hassle of shuffling papers and nailing down a time to meet in person. Get home buyer offers instantly right to your smartphone as soon as they come in our mailbox.


So what is your home worth?

   Forget about Zillow and online instant valuation sites and let us do a complete analysis on your home virtually. Let’s analyze your homes details, school district, tax amounts, location and more to get you the most accurate home value in the area. We will even send you a video report of the whole analytical process so you can see for yourself.