All the talk about lower inventory has helped many Capital Region home sellers see a rise in average sale prices. But even if inventory were actually down significantly, these following real estate markets prove to be in demand no matter what.

These school district markets, and their respective locations, have a lot to do with the amount of demand, and money, that home sellers end up with.

For home buyers on a budget, be wary of finding a deal in these markets. And if you are ready to buy in a top district, you’d be wise to get to know how these markets perform more intimately, so you can be sure not to miss out.

Here are the Top 5 school district markets that saw the highest average sale prices in 2017, with a minimum of at least 100 home sales.

Bethlehem School District

Average Sale Price: $294,142

The 12054 zip code of Delmar takes the bulk of sales for home sellers in the Bethlehem School District every year.

Not only is it the more affluent neighborhood of Albany County, it’s convenient location has a lot to do with it’s success as well.

A quaint village feel, and walk-able streets, helps this market perform at a high level. That in conjunction with being minutes from the Thruway, 787 and of course downtown Albany and other state office buildings.

Colonial style homes rule the landscape within this district. 138 homes sold in 2017 were that of this popular home style, with 94 of them being 4 bedrooms, and another 63 of these sales featuring 2.5 bathrooms.

Be ready to pay well over $300,000 for a four bedroom Colonial home inside this district, and be ready to do it quick, as the overall days on average in 2017 was just 35 days before receiving a contract, the best in the Capital Region.

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Shenendehowa School District

Average Sale Price: $298,360

It’s no secret that the Shenendehowa School District finished 1st overall on our list of real estate markets with the most leverage for home sellers in 2017.

This market listed the most homes ever recorded in 2017, with 1,011 homes hitting the market, also the most for any market in the Capital Region.

Demand backed up the supply with 822 sales averaging the $298,360, and it’s location as well as the school district, is the main reason why.

The Clifton Park zip code of 12065 takes the bulk of the sales every year. This location offers an in-between spot for commuters who wish to white-knuckle their way to Albany every day, but desire the idyllic neighborhoods, great for raising kids, as well as quick access to all points north in Saratoga County.

541 homes sold in the 12065 zip code of Clifton Park, where 240 of these sales were Colonial style homes.

The most common size was that of 4 bedrooms, and these sold for more than the district average, coming in at $352,495 for 2017.

Similar to the Bethlehem district, look to pay a much higher price than the average sale price, if you’re looking at a four bedroom home that is.

The Shenendehowa School District market has, and should continue to be, the most in-demand market in our region for years to come.

Days on market averaged 47 days in 2017, but during Spring and Summer months,  homes were selling in a matter of just a few days, especially in popular developments located off of Exits 8 and 9 of the Northway.

Look for that to continue in 2018.

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Stillwater School District

Average Sale Price: $302,592

The Stillwater School District may be one of the more surprising markets to make the list, but of course it was also the lowest volume market out of the Top 5 talked about here.

With just 116 home sales in all of 2017, the average price for home sellers was still good enough to eclipse the $300,000 mark.

The secret to this market is it’s proximity to downtown Saratoga Springs. So close in fact, that a chunk of the home sales every year come from the 12866 Saratoga Springs zip code.

For both the 12170 zip code of Stillwater, and the aforementioned Saratoga Springs zip code, Colonial style homes were the most common home style buyers would have came across in 2017.

However, it was the Colonial home style sellers in the 12866 zip of Saratoga who saw their home sale average price go far above the district average by almost $30,000.

Unlike the first two markets, the Stillwater School District real estate market was a tad slow in 2017. With all homes taking an average of 81 days on the market before accepting an offer.

Although, as you may have guessed, homes in this district, but coming from the 12866 zip code of Saratoga Springs, saw a much faster sale in 2017, with an average days on market of just 29 days.

As usual, this is the type of information that home buyers, and sellers for that matter, can use to know what to expect when conquering real estate goals within the market they are aiming at.

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North Colonie School District

Average Sale Price: $310,975

When drilling down into zip codes or home styles, within a school district market, there were few areas of our region that saw homes sell faster than the 12110 Latham zip code in2017, except maybe Delmar.

But like Delmar an its respective school district, the North Colonie School District saw a 3.41% average sale price increase in 2017, that equated to a final, $310,975.

Latham (12110), the main zip code for this district, is about as centrally located as you can get in the Capital Region.

In all four directions, you get to the well known areas of Albany, Troy, Schenectady and Saratoga, in 30 minuets or less.

This fact alone helps home sellers net the second best sale prices in the Capital Region, and a low number of homes to choose from may also be helping them as well.

With or without a shortage of available homes for sale, Latham and the North Colonie School District is still a smaller geographic area, and with that comes a limited number of homes to choose from.

While the market is growing, with over 500 listings within the entire district for 2017, the most popular, and much smaller zip code of Latham saw homes fly off the market in 2017, with their 32 day average being higher than the districts 42 days overall.

Colonial style homes amounted for the most common sale in 2017, although barely. 108 Colonial home sales sold in this district last year, with an outstanding sale price of $432,141.

But Ranch style homes were close behind, with 105 sales averaging a much more affordable, $238,461.

No matter what home style you prefer, the fact remains that it won’t last long. Home buyers need to be looking at new listings hitting the market multiple times a day to be the first to grab that home they want.

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Saratoga Springs School District

Average Sale Price: $390,591

The Saratoga area has long been the most talked about location in our region. With it’s rich history, horse racing, and a downtown area that has sustained its appeal, not much is needed to be dissected when it comes to the #1 most un-affordable real estate market in our region for home buyers.

The 12866 zip code is the culprit for the majority of the home sales here. 417 homes sold within the 12866 zip code when pulling from Saratoga schools in 2017. That was out of the 604 that saw a closing table across the entire districts real estate market.

The Saratoga Springs School District market was no slouch either when it came to volume. They finished third in overall available homes to be listed on the market in 2017, a trend that should continue in the years going forward.

While it was the 150 Colonial home sales in 2017 to be the most common type, we feel the 64 Custom built home style sales helped boost the districts overall average sale price to almost $400,000.

This particular styled home averaged just 23 years old, meaning these homes were newer, and most likely in a condition that matches the modern standard of new construction homes. The average sale price for these 64 Custom style homes in 2017? $620,459.

If you’re living in Saratoga County already, chances are you’re looking to make a move into Saratoga Springs. While there are more affordable home styles to choose from, for the most part, plan on spending above and beyond the $400,000 mark for a generous size home that offers four bedrooms.

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