Looking at homes for sale in Ballston Lake? You may want to first look inside one of Saratoga County’s most popular neighborhoods: Country Knolls.

Home buyers looking for homes in the 12019 zip code could end up making one of the smartest investments of their lives.

Although with high demand, and a tight market, the window may be short, so it’s best to be educated and prepared when going after homes inside this market.

185 homes sold in the 12019 zip code last year, but not all of them were in the same school district. There are up to four school districts that Ballston Lake home could pull from, and the differences in price, and demand, should matter greatly to you.

Good news is, the Shenedehowa School District still dominates in the 12019 zip code. 123 of the 185 home sales in 2017 did indeed, pulled from Shen Schools.

And when we drill deeper into this market, there is more good news out there for folks interested in buying a home in Ballston Lake, which is the ever popular development of Country Knolls.

32 of the 185 home sales within the 12019 zip code were in the Country Knolls housing development. This is one of the biggest, and most popular neighborhoods in Clifton Park, and it could be set for a generational swing.

If you’re looking at homes for sale in Ballston Lake, be sure to notice if any of those homes are inside Country Knolls.

Here is what’s for sale in Country Knolls right now:

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The best way to tell is by spotting the Colonial style homes, which will most likely be priced in and around $300,000.

While that may or may not be in your budget, or the type of home you even like, you can be sure that this is at least, a high demand purchase that you can not only raise a family in, but feel confident about it’s future resale value.

But don’t wait too long when looking at homes here in 2018. While homes in the 12019 zip code did stay around for an average of 54 days in 2017 before going under contract, homes in the same zip, but inside Country Knolls lasted just 34 days on average.

If it weren’t for two home sales that lasted for over 100 days in this niche market, the average days would have dropped into the mid-20 day range.

If you want to get really zeroed in, I can tell you that 4 bedroom Colonial Style homes had sold, in an average of 26 days, in Country Knolls, within the 12019 zip code.

Point is, if you’re looking at homes for sale in Ballston Lake, you better bring your A-game and be ready to pull the trigger in 2018 before it’s too late.

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