209 homes sold within the 12144 zip code of North Greenbush – Rensselaer in 2017. But as usual, it was the school districts that made the difference for home sellers inside this market.

The 12144 zip code finished 2nd behind Troys 12180 zip code market, for most homes sold within Rensselaer County for all of 2017.

But the caveat with this particular zip code is the confusion that some home buyers may face when searching homes for sale in North Greenbush.

The 12144 Zip Code boundary courtesy of Google Maps

Sharing the same zip code as the City of Rensselaer means discrepancies in average sale prices and other housing market data.

To understand what to expect as a home buyer and home seller, we took a look at the 2017 final numbers to see who ended up with the most leverage.

The 209 home sales in the 12144 zip code were split between the East Greenbush School District and the Rensselaer School District. As you can imagine, the differences in the final numbers were significant.

135 home sales in the 12144 zip code pulled from East Greenbush schools, while 74 home sales pulled from Rensselaer schools. The difference in price? Just under $70,000 on average.

While this may come as no surprise, seeing the data on the surface can only help home buyers and sellers in this market so much.

We drilled into this market further to find out which home sellers had the most leverage in 2017, and will assumingly be in control when it comes time to list in 2018.

12144 + East Greenbush Schools + Colonial Homes + # of Bedrooms

This is what in-depth market research looks like. Apart from the fact that home sellers in 12144 and East Greenbush schools saw a 7.04% average price increase in 2017, the overall sale prices are not reflective of the particular home you may come across in this market.

For example, 16 Colonial style homes sold within this segment in 2017, for an average sale price of $273,437.

It was even better for eight of these home sellers whom had a 4 bedroom Colonial sell within this segment, for an average sale price of $321,638. Of course this is far above and beyond the average sale price on the surface.

It was also a stark difference from the six, 3 bedroom Colonial homes that sold for an average price of $208,083.

See the most recent Colonial home sales in this market segment:

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12144 + East Greenbush Schools + Raised Ranch Homes + # of Bedrooms

While Ranch home sales, and Townhome sales led the way when it came to home style, we felt the Raised Ranch sales were of interest to note.

Once again, the differences in the amount of bedrooms a home has, goes a long way in the final sale price.

3 bedroom Raised Ranch homes were the norm in 2017, with 11 sales and an average sale price of $205,445. Countering that was just five, 4 bedroom Raised Ranch home sales, with an average price of $224,855.

Worth noting that these 4 bedroom Raised Ranch sales saw a 14.77% increase in average sale price, versus the same number of sales for this particular size and style in 2016, which finished at an average of $195,910.

See the most recent Raised Ranch home sales in this market segment:

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The average sale prices on the surface are never enough. Even in the case of these Colonial and Ranch style homes within this market, average sale prices consist of 3 and 4 bedroom home sales combined. Which of course, averages out to less money than a 4 bedroom home owner of this type can expect to net.

Being an empowered buyer and seller, withing the market you are shopping in, means being prepared and knowing what to expect. That equates to accepting the right price in the sale for both buyers and sellers.

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