Things have remained steady for the 12th ranked real estate market in the region during November, which comes as good news, especially for a market that had moderate volume to begin with.

20 home sales hit the table within the Averill Park School District real estate market last month, something that had only happened once in all of 2017.

June of 2017 saw 24 homes closed within the district, the only month with over 20 homes closed in the year.

November’s 20 home closings marked the 4th month in 2018 that the district surpassed the 20 sale mark, and the third time out of the last four months to do so.

Add to this fact that 30 homes are currently Pending and Averill Park could see it’s overall home sales increase by the end of the year, which is good news considering they peaked at 192 home sales in 2016.

Average sale prices hovered just above the $250K range in November, that was much higher than the $224,422 average sale price that has been posted from the 177 home sales at the time of this writing.

Home sales are also happening faster than average, with 41 days being the time it takes for home sellers to accept an offer.

Ranch style homes rule the landscape, with 6 Ranch style homes hitting the closing table last month, and 10 of the 30 pending home sales are also Ranch home styles, with average prices coming in at just about $200K.

Colonial home sellers are seeing a rough go of things, and mostly due to their higher asking prices. Which right now sit around $384K.

11 Colonial style homes await a home buyer currently on the market, and only 3 closed last month with only 2 waiting to close in December.

Home buyers looking to make a smart investment within the district, ought to look hard at Ranch style homes.

They won’t only save on sale prices, but also on overall tax amounts.

Ranch style owners in the district are paying over $3,000 less in yearly taxes when compared to Colonial style owners.

Expect the healthy market to continue into 2019 with Averill Park ranking as the 2nd best option in Rensselaer County behind East Greenbush School District.

See current homes for sale in Averill Park School District:


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