What is Leverage Real Estate all about?

About Us


I’m Ryan Hoffman, broker and founder of Leverage Real Estate.

You know I’ve tried many ways to help buyers and sellers over the years, but nothing has me more excited about where I have settled, with a brand name that exemplfies our desire to empower our clients to be better prepared when buying or selling a home.

Leverage is about understanding your position as a buyer or seller, within the specific market you’re dealing in. We help you understand this by analyzing simple, yet highly detailed real estate market data.

As a buyer or seller, you need to preemptively know your negotaiating position, in an effort to have a more successful and overall pleasant experience, which is something becoming all to uncommon, is this low reputation industry.

I emplore you to give our humble local firm the oppotunity to empower you, towards a financially beneficial real estate transaction.

Working with a Leverage agent


At Leverage, we don’t only empower home buyers and sellers, but Realtors too.

We train and encourage our select agents to put thier clients interests above their own.

But above all, we allow our Realtors to leverage our firm’s model, to have a successful real estate career.

One of the reason some Realtors fall into pushy sales tactics, which lower industry standards, is because their broker-agent commssion agreement is too low.  When this is the case, agents then have to sell double the homes needed,  just to feed their families. But not with Leverage.

We have turned the brokerage model upside down, by offering our agents the best commission split in the business.

By giving our Realtors the best chance to make a living, they are able to reduce the stress of needing a quick sale, and can focus on the client first.

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