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Buying a home is a big deal. Get the best advocates on your side

Buying a home with us.

Most agents just care about getting to the closing table and collecting a commission check. With us, we use market data, experience, and insider access to make sure you’re positioned to get the best terms for you and your family. We fight to get you the lowest price, and aren’t comfortable unless you’re happy.

Use our Leverage Real Estate Index as a starting point to understand where you will face the most competition from other buyers in the market.

Leverage and the staff were honest, and provided a practical approach to the home purchasing process! They helped us negotiate a fair price for our dream home, was immediately responsive to questions, and easily managed a transaction with several moving parts.  We will forever be appreciative of all of their hard work.

Bob and Lainey L.

The Commission Myth

The line is: “The Seller pays commission.” But the fact is, the commission the seller pays is split between the two agents. Not only that, but the commission comes off of the final sale price. This means you are paying for the commission since you are the one financing the property.

At Leverage, we help our home selling clients defend thier equity. But with out buying clients, like you, we want to make sure you are defending your future equity, by getting the lowest price possible, and the best terms in the deal. Peace of mind in everything when buying a home.

Buy with Leverage

When buying a home withLeverage, we aren’t happy unless your our. Use our knowledge and the Leverage Real Estate Index to your advantage, and understand where you stand in the market.  Reach out today and get the best representation possible.

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